Living as a digital nomad – making money regardless of location

Living as a digital nomad - making money regardless of location

Who does not dream about it: lying in a hammock with your laptop, the sound of the sea in the background, warming in the sun and enjoying morning coffee. No, it is not a vacation, but it is a normal start to daily work. Just a dream? No, you only need one thing: make money regardless of location.

Make money digitally, regardless of location

More and more customers are looking for advice from me on how they can live as a digital nomad, what opportunities to make money regardless of location, and still how to pay as few bills as possible. So I decided to write an article about digital nomadism and how to make money regardless of location.

There are basically two ways you can finance a long-distance trip or travel around the world:

  1. You have quite a lot of savings to use for travel.But the savings are spent very quickly and the dream of a life independent of location is fulfilled.
  2. The second possibility is the magic formula of each digital nomad: make money regardless of location – that is, earn money only with a laptop and the Internet.

Instead of asking when your next vacation is, you should create a life you will not have to give up

In the following I will show you some ways on how you can make money regardless of location.

Opportunity # 1: Author of the book

Now many will think, “The author of the book – I have to be a well-known writer and have a large publication behind me to make money with it.” But this has not been the case for a long time. In the age of the Internet it is possible to publish your own book and place it on the market without a publisher.

Of course, you need some knowledge of the language, good pronunciation and very good spelling. But with a little practice, everyone can publish their own book or e-book and thus make money. It is better to decide on a topic of interest to you and write for example: a guide to advice or any other reference. Often during travel people become a source of inspiration for foreign cultures and have enough time to write.

Platforms for marketing and selling books or e-books

There is a possibility to sell the finished book as a printed book or an electronic book in digital form. The easiest way to publish it is in digital form, like an e-book. Posting on relevant platforms is usually free and you can set the selling price yourself.

A good platform for this is the Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) or CreateSpace platform. KDP can be used to create and sell e-books in Kindle format. The CreatSpace platform offers the ability to sell books in print.

Opportunity # 2 Virtual Assistant Position (VA)

Virtual Assistant (VA) is the modern version of an assistant or secretary in an office with only internet access. Sales-related education or professional experience is the best prerequisite for working as a virtual assistant.

Virtual Assistant assignments are no different from those of an office assistant. This primarily applies to administrative activities that are easy to do online. Therefore, more and more companies are hiring as a so-called Virtual Assistant (VA).

The main tasks are:

  • Reply to emails
  • Translations
  • Accounting activities
  • Scheduling meetings
  • Booking business trips (business trips)
  • Maintaining a website (eg blog)
  • Support and maintain social media profiles

It is also possible to offer your own activities in which you can specialize.

Platforms for VA activities

To be able to work in VA, you have to rely on clients. In the beginning it takes a bit of effort and it is not always easy, but over time you build a good network with repetitive work.

The following platforms will help you find a client:

On these platforms it is possible to offer yourself as a Virtual Assistant (VA) or apply for an existing activity.

Opportunity # 3: Marketing Tips (Related Links)

Related links or so-called. The easiest way to make money with referral marketing is to create your own website or blog. In my opinion, blogging is the best way to do this. Here it is possible to recommend your own experience on a specific topic.

If there is a blog, through this blog it is possible to sell a specific product through a recommendation text (blog post). The link is monitored using this ID. If a reader clicks on this link and buys this product or service, you will receive a commission. Nothing is added to this buyer because it does not make the product more expensive.

The great advantage of affiliate marketing is that this link only needs to be placed once in the text to then be used for months.Of course, the blog needs to be placed on the market and be interesting to the reader. The more traffic on the site, the more revenue.

Related marketing platforms

There are many different companies that offer affiliate programs and affiliate programs. The amount of commission varies from company to company.

In my opinion, the best platforms are:

  • Digistore24
  • Amazon
  • elopage
  • Affiliate
  • Belboon

These platforms house many companies, products and services that can be selected in the market. It is important to make sure that the products or services also fit the theme of the website or blog.

My conclusion: Everyone needs a digital nomad

There are many opportunities to make money regardless of location. And what is good about it: it is possible for everyone! Life as a digital nomad no longer remains a dream for long. It is easy to implement and my specialists support and advice everyone on this path.

An important tip at the end: it is good not only to think about income that is independent of location. Parts of the income should then be invested in low-risk investments in order to generate passive income in addition to the location-independent income.

Philipp Burger

Philipp Burger is a popular consultant for international tax planning, international company formation, offshore banking and global citizenship. He has personally lived this lifestyle for years and now helps successful individuals, entrepreneurs and investors to live a free life - exactly according to the motto: "Free life is our passion!"

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