As a team, we are strong and will bring you to your goals - more freedom, more opportunities, more money! Benefit from our experience and practical knowledge and live a free and fulfilling life.

The head behind TaxFree Matrix

I enjoy global freedom exactly according to the motto: “Free life is our passion“. It is my mission to inspire as many people as possible to be and to live their personal freedom.

Philipp Burger

CEO, Owner
Trustee with federal FA / Tax Expert

My name is Philipp Burger and I am the founder of SOLIDUS Agency and TaxFree Matrix. I would like to briefly tell you something about myself, as I suspect we have a lot in common. I became an entrepreneur at an early age and founded my first company at the age of 26 after having completed my training as a trustee with a federal diploma had completed. When I was 28, I was making more money than I had ever expected, only to find that I had to give more than half of it to the state. It was precisely at this point that I began looking for legally secure options.

Many entrepreneurs feel like this: For years you have dreamed of starting a really successful business, making a lot of money and having total control and freedom over your life, only to find out sobering that you have more than half of your hard work must give the money earned to the state. And the bad thing is: Nobody talks about it – until now!

I spent my time as a “punching bag” for the tax office, just like you. I know this feeling.

That’s why I founded TaxFree Matrix for my customers to spare this feeling or to free yourself from it. For me it’s something personal. In the last few years I have traveled to many countries and searched for the best places to apply my self-developed offshore strategies.

I’ve made a lot of mistakes over the years. Mistakes that cost a lot of time and money. It was an expensive journey to achieve the goal of near-complete freedom. It was because there was no one at the time to show me what to do. There was no one who could give me a plan that was tailored to my situation.

After years of searching and experimenting, I was able to legally achieve a tax rate of 1%. I have the freedom to invest in what I want, where I want. My private banking is safe. My business banking is safe. I travel as often as I want. I’m living the life I could only dream of 10 years ago. I can always go where I feel most comfortable. And that’s exactly where I want to take you!


Focused and professional

That we can meet the high demands of our customers, we have built up a strong team with unique values, whose knowledge is not only based on theory, but above all on practical experience.

Freedom can be obtained in different ways. Our team focuses on property freedom and protection, free from government control, free from unnecessary taxes, free to go where you are best treated. In our consultations, we first analyze the personal and / or business situation of each customer. Based on this analysis, we develop a strategy that is then implemented together with the customer.

Karl Twiste

Owner, Director

Mariam Steiner

Customer Manager

Ingo Heider

Strategy Assistant

Shalva Bagdavadze


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